We Do It All

Trust Allied Diesel Performance for all your vehicles needs and repairs. If you need a basic oil change or a complete engine rebuild; we do it all! Our team of mechanics have years of experience. We do all repairs as if they were our own; Allied does quality work at a affordable price.

Welding Services

Allied Diesel Performance can take on any welding tasks. We are master fabricators and have years of knowledge welding stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. We ensure all of our welding is done with top of the line standards.

Parts Supplier

Allied Diesel Performance has access to over 450,000 truck parts and accessories; this allows us to service your truck with some of the best parts on today's market. If you're looking to purchase parts and work on your own vehicle we are happy to get you the support you need. We will get the parts shipped to your home at a great price.

What makes us the best -

Allied Diesel Performance takes pride in every customer repair. We always do quality work and ensure our customer leaves happy. With years of experience in the diesel industry we have the drive and enthusiasm that your truck will be replaced with the most current products on today's marketplace.


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